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In the Fridge

December 31, 2011


The typical shot, when someone reaches into the fridge to grab some milk, how can this be made easy in a full, slightly cluttered fridge? How about you hang your GoPro from one of the wire shelves in the fridge, where you will have a nice angle that is out of the way of all […]

On a Bottled Drink

December 30, 2011


In the case which you would like a close-up of someone drinking from a bottle of pop or whatnot, you can just follow the same method as with the banister idea. Simply wrap a strap around the bottle, cinch it, and point your GoPro. Commence shooting.

On the Banister

December 29, 2011


With the handy dandy GoPro helmet vent mount,, you can easily attach your GoPro to any point on a banister. Simply take the strap, wrap it around the banister at the desired spot, feed it through the clamp portion, tighten the clamp and connect your camera. This simple method can be used in many instances, […]

On a Candle

December 28, 2011


Perhaps you are creating a movie about a candle…not sure why, but maybe you are. So in this case, you would probably want some views of the unfolding scene from the vantage point of the candle, well GoPro has you covered! Just take that handy helmet vent strap mount, use one of the straps, and […]

Cupboard Door Knobs

December 27, 2011


Not only can you use the helmet vent strap for mounting your GoPro on your helmet, but there are numerous other uses for this simple little mount. For instance, folding closets sometimes have two knobs, as well as cupboards usually have two doors, this mount can be used to hang your GoPro from these handles […]

Helmet Vent Mount

December 26, 2011


If you are looking for an alternative of where to mount your GoPro while you snowboard on your head, then there are options for you. If you are one of the many who where a helmet when they board or ski, then this is the perfect option for you. If you need to feel the […]

Head Strap

December 25, 2011


The GoPro head strap is a wonderful way to accommodate all of your video needs while maintaining the luxury of keeping your hands free. This head strap is fully adjustable to fit your head in two ways, around the sides, and over the top. Once the straps are adjusted appropriately the camera is easy to […]