Posted on December 8, 2011

Scions are an interesting car…the Scion xB rather. This car is pretty much a Kleenex box on wheels, white is especially funny since I bought mine in white! One evening I was just fooling around with my camera, as always, and I thought, hmmmmm what if I shoot some photos of the headlights of my car.

Bright Light

So with that I turned on my headlights and went to work. I set up the tripod, put the camera on Bulb mode so that I could control it with my remote and shot away. It took just a few photos at different shutter speeds to create this compilation. I shot one photo to have normal contrast, good in the mid range, one for the dark spots, and one for very very bright spots, such as the headlight bulb itself.

Once I was satisfied I hopped onto my computer, imported the files, and layered them until I found the photo lovely. This was just something interesting to experiment with, I think it also came out to quite a unique photo.

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