Musical Bullets

Posted on December 9, 2011

There are three things that I do love.

  1. Photography
  2. Music
  3. Guns

At one point in time I decided that I should combine all three of those hobbies into one super thing… Anyway I have a Takamine guitar which is rather new and nice, .308 calibre bullets, and a camera. So I went to work to make that magic happen, by laying bullets all over my guitar and snapping some interesting photos.

Tunes and Guns

Not only was there an aspect of music involved, the instrument, but I also got to involve my bullets as an exterior subject. Sometimes in photography I find that to get a great photo you need to be photographing something you love, as well as be willing to add in new aspects and try something totally weird and out there.

Nobody wants to take a photo that has been done a million times before, and nobody wants to be known as that person who is only okay at what they do. This goes for any aspect of life, do things that you enjoy, and do them to the best of your ability.

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