The Tie Guy

Posted on December 10, 2011

It’s a cool thing when you have a computer, a camera, and photoshop. The possibilities are endless.

The Tie Guy

Take this image for instance, I took one photo of the aqua tie second from the right and turned it into this magical little setup. All that was required was I simple shot the photo after making sure the lighting was good, imported the photo, and then went to work in photoshop. I cut out the tie, duplicated it, and changed the colours up, and all of a sudden, beauty!

There was something that just struck my eye with that one lonely tie, a spark in my mind that yearned to create. This technique can be used with any photo, photoshop is an extremely valuable tool that is top of the line, high quality material! Some people say true photographers never use photoshop…I on the other hand say that they are either stuck in the stone age, or they just like producing images that are natural and straight from the camera, which is always the options you could go for.

Image available for purchase from royalty free at low cost.

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