Urban Glory

Posted on December 11, 2011

When on holidays, I take my camera with me everywhere, because who knows when you might have the best opportunity of the day to take an awesome photo. Whenever I leave my camera behind I always find moments when I think, “Why didn’t I pack the camera, this would be such a great photo!”

Urban Destruction

Walking in Seattle, I found this wicked parking structure that was a perfect chance for some urban grunge photography. I just walked up and started snapping photos. Sometimes you just need to be willing to go for it if you want to generate images, because who knows if I was “allowed” to photograph this building, but I thought it was a worthy use of my memory space, and I found the shot unique and printable.

This shot was slightly photoshopped, just to correct the levels, and slightly increase the definition and remove blur, but no major work needed to be done. Grunge photos are generally better when they are left more alone, more primitive and original.

Image available for purchase www.canstockphoto.com/rpichler royalty free at low cost.

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