Whiff of Air

Posted on December 16, 2011

Gliding through the sky with a board strapped to your feet, hoping that you will land safely without breaking you noggin. This is the life, snowboarding out in the Canadian Rockies, on fresh, crisp snow, floating through the cool mountain air, and blazing down the trails.

Get out there!

Snowboard and ski photography is a little bit difficult, because you have fast movement, but you also have to deal with dark trees in the background as well as bright white snow in the foreground. I have found that what works best for me to get sharp images is to shoot at 1/1500 of a second or less for a shutter speed, adjusting everything necessary to achieve this. Sometimes I need to crank my ISO, open up my aperture, and manual focus the entire thing, but it does produce truly stellar images. Does anybody have any images of their own to show?

Image available for purchase from www.canstockphoto.com/rpichler royalty free at low cost.

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