The Art of FLIGHT

Posted on December 19, 2011


The Art of Flight is a snowboarding film that was put out by Redbull in association with Brain Farm. This movie was amazing, released a little while ago in 2011, this film has some of the greatest cinematography I have seen in my entire life. Featuring use of the Red camera, GoPro, and some of the most intense filming techniques around today.

Brain Farm is one of the most innovative video capture and editing companies to this day, and they were not content with just using the average cable camera work that most films use…no, Brain Farm preferred to actually have a man with a camera hanging from the cable to get more realism in the shots, to get something new that has never been tried before, and it is stunningly amazing!

The editing in this movie was outrageous, going from amazing time lapses to jaw dropping slow motion clips of the boys tapping the tops of huge trees with their snowboards, this is one piece of work. Even if you are not interested in snowboarding, this movie is still an amazing watch, as it has so many details that the rest of us can take and transfer into our own work, whether it be movie or photography.

Amazing work!

The Art of FLIGHT

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