Posted on December 20, 2011


Voleurz is one of the coolest set of guys around, making snowboard movies, sweatshirts, and fanny packs for a living. These guys have some of the most interesting videos I have ever seen, not just your average set of snowboard clips, but instead loads of sweet intro footage, and tons of funny moments.

  • Outdoor Education (The first of their recent full length films, intros with a golfing scene, stellar slow motion work)
  • Outdoor Graduation (The second of their sweet, recent full length films, intros with an amazing montage of footage that continually flows perfectly into the next scene, you need to see it, then proclaim it.)
  • Always Look on the Bright Side (The third of their recent full lengths, this video has such a good intro, shot as a single clip, so funny, so outrageous, and so beautiful, simply a must see.)
  • That’s Fine (Voleurz’s most recent movie, which I cannot comment on yet, as I have not seen it…waiting to watch it with a friend who is currently in New Zealand for a few months.)

These boys do great work, and you will be surely pleased to watch some of their amazing clips and extreme scenes which are unlike any others.

P.S. Volympics, Love it.

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