Grunge Background

Posted on December 21, 2011


A lot of people do not truly understand what grunge is. Grunge is not ratty, junky, dirty looking photos and backgrounds, that’s just not what grunge is about. When you see a grunge background on a website or a photo, if it is used properly, the background does not look dirty at all. It may have some hand drawn elements, or it might have some damage done to it, but when incorporated with an actual website it just looks natural, calming and soothing.

Dirty now, clean when used properly

Grunge is one of the fastest growing media categories in North America right now, and we know why. People like natural things, sure some people like really shiny, extravagant designs, and others like big, bright, bold colours, but for the most part people really enjoy neutral and dampened environments. When you look at a website, some of the most popular grunge websites do not seem to be “grungy” at all, and this is because they have used the background absolutely perfectly, blending it in, and making it seem like a natural option.

Grunge is not dirty, grunge is reality.

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