The GoPro – LCD BacPac

Posted on December 23, 2011


The LCD BacPac is one of the most amazing things you can purchase for your GoPro. At $99.99 in Canada at BestBuy, it is one of the most expensive optional accessories that you can purchase, but it does have some major benefits!

  1. First of all, it lets you see what you are videoing or taking a picture of, which lets you frame and setup complex shots and know that you are for sure getting in the shot what is needed.
  2. Second, it lets you review photos and video that are stored on the memory card from previous takes and scenarios.
  3. Third, it allows you to very easily change settings and modes on the GoPro, giving you full words instead of just symbols and abbreviations to decipher.


Even though this accessory will set you back a hundred dollars, it turns the camera into so much more than it was before. GoPro is now easily useable as a professional videography device.

Good job GoPro!

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