Head Strap

Posted on December 25, 2011


The GoPro head strap is a wonderful way to accommodate all of your video needs while maintaining the luxury of keeping your hands free. This head strap is fully adjustable to fit your head in two ways, around the sides, and over the top. Once the straps are adjusted appropriately the camera is easy to attach and position in the direction of your enjoyment.

This mount is very practical for many uses such as snowboarding, mountain climbing, and any other activity where you would like to keep your hands free for sweet grabs, lifting yourself, and the like. The straps on the mount have a rubberized set of stripes on the inside that keep the camera secure on your head, and allow the camera to stay on even through jostling, bumps, and crashes.

This mount can be used on land, in water, in the air, pretty much anywhere which you think it would be useful. If you wear it in the ocean, it may be advised to wash the salt water out of it…but this is totally your call, as you might enjoy the crusty salt scraping your forehead raw as you ride your bike in the mountains…who knows?