Palms in the Night

Posted on January 5, 2012


Long exposure photography can produce some truly stunning images. People think that in the night there is no color, but if you let your camera sit open for long enough it will see huge amount of color that would normally be impossible.


Here is a shot I took of a Hawaiian palm tree at a 30 second exposure time. Once you start achieving lengths like this (which is relatively short) all the way up to many hours of open shutter on a single photo, stars begin to form trails, and you must begin tuning your aperture. Star trails look very interesting, because they are something that we do not normally see, a star that is bending in a path, a line of light if you will. When taking photos in this way, make sure to have the camera on a “Bulb” mode, and be controlling it from either a wireless remote, a corded remote, or a self timer so that you do not jiggle the camera and disrupt the focus.

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