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Dancing Pigeons

January 13, 2012


The short film “Dancing Pigeons” by Blink on Vimeo is a rather interesting concept. Two really awkward looking guys are each trying to possibly kill each other with either a flame thrower or a fire extinguisher…after you get about two minutes into it, you can see where the video is going, but I won’t spoil […]

The Cabbie

January 12, 2012


The Cabbie is an amazing work of art with its first chapter written and directed by Vincent Laforet. It is about 3-4 minutes long, but it truly does draw in the viewer. There is absolutely nothing about this short scene which is not filmed perfectly and professionally, it is a great piece of magic!


January 11, 2012


There are not many words to describe this work of art, just watch and see.

GoPro 2012 Short

January 8, 2012


Here is a short compilation of a bunch of videos taken down in Maui, Hawaii, over the Christmas break while drinking lots of Vitamin Water, and even coming up with a mounting solution to put the camera directly on the bottle. What could be better than this? Love it!

Moon Me

January 7, 2012


The moon. We have all seen it. It is there almost every night, glowing in the night sky. Photographing the moon is a difficult task. 1. You must try to focus as perfectly as possible on the moon, which is difficult when everything else is dark. 2. You need to appropriately choose your exposure time, […]

Dripping Leaf

January 6, 2012


Photos containing water, rain, or sprinklers can sometimes prove to be rather difficult. It seems that every time you try to focus, something turns out to be not in focus. For water photos, I believe that you need to use a rather high aperture, if you wish to keep more of the photo in focus, […]

Palms in the Night

January 5, 2012


Long exposure photography can produce some truly stunning images. People think that in the night there is no color, but if you let your camera sit open for long enough it will see huge amount of color that would normally be impossible. Here is a shot I took of a Hawaiian palm tree at a […]