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Moon Me

January 7, 2012


The moon. We have all seen it. It is there almost every night, glowing in the night sky. Photographing the moon is a difficult task. 1. You must try to focus as perfectly as possible on the moon, which is difficult when everything else is dark. 2. You need to appropriately choose your exposure time, […]

Palms in the Night

January 5, 2012


Long exposure photography can produce some truly stunning images. People think that in the night there is no color, but if you let your camera sit open for long enough it will see huge amount of color that would normally be impossible. Here is a shot I took of a Hawaiian palm tree at a […]

Grunge Background

December 21, 2011


A lot of people do not truly understand what grunge is. Grunge is not ratty, junky, dirty looking photos and backgrounds, that’s just not what grunge is about. When you see a grunge background on a website or a photo, if it is used properly, the background does not look dirty at all. It may […]


December 18, 2011


There are just some things that cannot be learned, they have to come naturally. I believe that photographers have a certain set of skills, each different, and they are each able to take photos in a slightly different way, using a different method. Each person is different from the one next to us, and we […]

Whiff of Air

December 16, 2011


Gliding through the sky with a board strapped to your feet, hoping that you will land safely without breaking you noggin. This is the life, snowboarding out in the Canadian Rockies, on fresh, crisp snow, floating through the cool mountain air, and blazing down the trails. Snowboard and ski photography is a little bit difficult, […]


December 14, 2011


Somedays just feel like getting back to basics, just shooting some simple shots that only require relaxing and clicking the shutter. Isolated still media on a white background works just this way, set up an item on a white background and shoot it. Some people have a real love for solid background photography, and are […]


December 13, 2011


Have you ever had a flat tire? It is not uncommon to see someone on the side of the road with their hazard lights on, car jacked up, with a wrench in hand, changing their flat tire. However, when I saw this one concrete truck with its flat tire, I had to pull out my […]